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Kunming Binger Co.,Ltd
Tel:+86-871-68313269  Fax:+86-871-68310515
Cell Phone:+86-13708451367
Email: sales@bigoptics.com, info@bigoptics.com
Add: Room 1707, B Block, Hui Jin Building, No.1666 Hai Yuan Zhong Road, Wuhua, KUNMING, CHINA
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Our kunming Binger Co.,Ltd is an exporter and manufacture, our company established in 2005.We have own US office: Binger Corporation and our own factory: Kunming Nida optical instrument Co.,Ltd. We have more than 10 years experience in the line of optics and we will try our best to provide the best quality optical products with favorable prices.

Our main products is: Binoculars,Loup, Monoculars,Spotting scope, Telescope,Optical components, Magnifier,Compass,Liner test and so on.    
     We are your reliable supplier of professional optical products,most of our products are made on the basis of OEM and ODM for optical products and more than 95% of our products are exported to US and Europe.

     If you are interested in our products,feel free to contact us :

Kunming Binger Co.,Ltd

Add: Room 1707, B Block, HuiJin Building, No.1666 HaiYuan Zhong Road, Gaoxin, Kunming, China Postal Code: 650106

Factory: Kunming Nida Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd

www.bigoptics.com    Email: sales@bigoptics.com   


Tel:+86-871-68313269  Fax:+86-871-68310515  Cell Phone:+86-13708451367

Email: jiangdeqin@gmail.com;  david1618@163.com

Our own US office: Binger Corporation

10501 Valley Blvd Suite 1830 EL MONTE,CA 91731 USA.
Tel. +1  626 416 5148



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